giant size zine cover [i illustrated cable (forefront character) and kid apocalypse (character in black suite in middleground). other art is done by other artists working on the project.] minorly edited individual art pieces, created and formatted cover + drew parts of cover to emulate giant-size x-men issue 1 cover + independent zine-esque sketchiness.

magnus family clear acrylic charm mockups + finished product

advertisement image for giant-size zine bundle listing. [all merch art is done by artists working on project sans my parts of the cover and the polaris pin (green/green yellow character)

lorna dane/polaris pin design

youtube mockup template (c) athenaofrp @ tumblr // banner images, icons, and video thumbnails personally edited from x-men: apocalypse promotional photos, stock images, and sophie turner photoshoots and videos [2017]

space travel brochure poster