magnus family clear acrylic charm mockups + finished product

xmen acrylic charm designs + finished product

xmen pin buttons

youtube mockup template (c) athenaofrp @ tumblr //
banner images, icons, and video thumbnails personally edited from x-men: apocalypse promotional photos, stock images, and sophie turner photoshoots and videos [2017]

giant size zine advertisement ft. sneak peek art from zine artists [l-r: loren hardy, sina grace, toastytoastie, robin robinson]

giant size zine shop graphic ft. merchandise art from zine artists //
[l-r: (collab cover) michi ermolenko, muriel rodriguez, toucanburger, vanessa stefanuik, me]

twitter mockup graphic [template (c) templatepsds @ tumblr] // images edited from james mcavoy interviews, instagram, and tumblr